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Vagheggi Phytocosmetic "Extracts of plants"
Vagheggi Phytocosmetic is manufactured paraben free, mineral oil free, paraffin free and alcohol free. The prdoucts are nickel-free and dermatologically tested. All vanishing cremes have an UVA- and UVB filter.

75.15 + deep cleansing

The ski rejuvenates through a special gloss-gel. The royal face mask activates and strengthens the skin whilst the contours are lifted. The intensive serum for the eye treatment helps to eliminate eye shades and wrinkles. This is finished off by a modelling face créme.

Cleaning, eye brow shaping, ampoule, massage, mask and final care.

50 minutes € 90,-
80 minutes with deep cleansing € 110,-

"Delay" line + deep cleansing

Anti-Aging-treatment, to keep the skin in a good shape with its first wrinkles. Contains functional substances and vitamins, which retain and enhance the current state of the epidermis plus ingridients, that provide moisture to the skin and protect it from oxidative stress.

Cleansing, eye brow shaping, massage, 2 ampoules, fleece mask and final care.

50 minutes € 70,-
80 minutes with deep cleansing € 95,-

"Facefence" line + deep cleansing

Aged skin shows an altered hydrolipid film, which leads to an erratic skin surface, a dull complexion, a slower micro circulation and cell renewal. Facefence with the blossom of watercress effectively supports the enrichment with oxygen, the Maca-root stimulates the deep collagen, the black pepper is very effective when it comes to early skin alteration and the red haematite revitalises and lifts the skin.

Cleansing, eye brow shaping, ampoule, massage, mask and final care.

50 minutes € 85,-
80 minutes with deep cleansing € 110,-

"Emozioni" line + deep cleansing

Emozioni is ideal for sensitive skin and skin intolerance. The perfect answer to stressed skin. A combination of herbal essences and selected additives without scents or artifical colours.

Cleansing, eye brow shaping, ampoule, massage, mask and final care.

50 minutes € 70,-
80 minutes with deep cleansing € 90,-

"Balance" line + face massage

The Balance is especially for skin with slight skin irregularities (widened pores, shiny skin, impurities). Due to the effect of plant complex on the basis of biological pineapple, white willow, pumpkin, silver minerals and avocado this line regulates the skin section and soothes skin irritation. Absorbing silver powder guarantees a matt effect throughout the day.

Cleansing, eye brow shaping, ampoule, mask and final care.

50 minutes € 60,-
80 minutes with face massage € 80,-

Deep cleaning

For women,men and youths with blemished skin, cleansing of face and cleavage, peeling, vapozon, intensive elimination of skin blemishes, tonication and finish with individual skin-type related care.

25 minutes € 30,-

Thermo-auricular therapy

An ancient Indian healing method. Applied in the treatment of headache, sinus ailments and colds. May also be used on children.

25 minutes € 28,00
€ 18,00 for a pair takeaway candeles

Thalassa Vita facial, neck and décolleté treatment

For this treatment, the skin is wrapped with algae, purging it of impurities, moisturising and soothing it.

55 minutes € 60,-