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Prepare to have your taste buds tickled at the Brennseehof

As one of the gastronomic Genuss-Wirte in Carinthia, we are committed to focusing on the products and Austrian specialities from the gastronomic Genussland Carinthia in our cuisine. Famed for our Alpine-Adriatic cuisine, we offer our guests specialities from the Carinthia and Friuli regions. We are only interested in top-quality, fresh ingredients. We either obtain our milk, butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, eggs, freshwater fish, beef and pork locally or from the surrounding region. We grow most of the fruit, vegetables and herbs in our own gardens. The choice of dishes at the Brennseehof extends from a sumptuous breakfast buffet with regional focus to a light lunchtime snack up to a 5-course gourmet meal in the evening with a great selection of dishes and large salad bar. Themed and buffet evenings are interspersed throughout so that you can expect to have a different grill or Alpine-Adriatic buffet and a gala dinner. In winter, we also lay on a traditional ski “Jause” snack in the afternoon along with a cake buffet to fortify our guests back from the slopes.

In the beverage sector, we have fruit juices from Millstättersee, beer from Villach and from the neighbouring Untertweng, selected wines from Austria and around the world as well as splendid schnapps from Carinthia.
Recipe for "Kärntner Reindling"

Mix the yeast and 2 tablespoons of warm milk, 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of flour well and allow to rise to a double height in a warm place. The flour is placed in a large bowl with the sugar, salt and spices. The fat is melted, the milk is added and the eggs are bubbled in it. When all of this is prepared, first stir the steam and then the liquid into the flour and beat the dough until it is smooth and detaches from the wooden spoon. The dough is now lightly covered with flour, a cloth is spread over it and left to rise to a hand-warm point up to twice the height.

Before you shape the dough, knead it well on the floured board. This makes the pastry fine-pored. Then put it in a well-greased baking pan. You can slide the pastry into the cold oven and set it to medium heat.

When the yeast dough has “risen”, it is kneaded well and rolled out 1 cm thick. Now spread the batter with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and raisins. Then you roll the dough tightly and put it in a greased, medium-sized "Reindl" or in a "Guglhupf" pan (baking pan). Bake for approx. 60 min at 150 ° C top and bottom heat. After it cools, it falls out of shape.