Eventful decades

The history of the Brennseehof

Thomas Palle senior ran the original building, the Alte Post, together with his wife Anna from the early 60s until the late 80s. He then handed it down to the next generation of Palle. Over this period, he refurbished the Alte Post several times until the Brennseehof evolved in 1966.

After Erika and Siegfried Palle took over the hotel from Thomas Palle senior, they decided their focus should be on the Brennseehof. At the time, the Brennseehof was a small B&B with just enough space for around 30 people. The B&B was given a major overhaul in autumn 1991 and the 4-star hotel - the "Hotel Brennseehof” – was born.
Over the years, collaborations with holiday specialists "Kinderhotels Europa”, Tennis Hotels Austria” and “Mountain Bike Holidays” were formed, culminating in the “First Kinder-Sport-Hotel” in Austria. Success was quick to follow on its heels. The business was expanded gradually and the surrounding houses and land integrated into the company to form a jewel in the heart of Carinthia beyond compare. Our son, Erland, and his wife Barbara are already part of the management  to ensure that the Brennseehof continues to move forward successfully.


  • 1997/98 New Krainer Sports School and lake pavilion
  • 1998/99 Expansion of the Brennseehof with “family dream” apartments
  • 2000 Acquisition of the Seehof with subsequent renovation
  • 2001 Additional tennis courts and a beach volleyball court
  • May 2002 A kids paddling pool and whirlpool created, expansion of natural saunas by the lake
  • Autumn 2002 Construction of Asia spa centre, children's indoor pool and new conservatory with bar extension
  • 2003 Acquisition and renovation of Alte Post Guesthouse
  • 2006 Acquisition and renovation of Brennseehof Guesthouse and construction of kids playhouse
  • Autumn 2007 Construction of 'Seewellness' with tunnel under the road
  • 2009 Acquisition and renovation of the staff house
  • Autumn 2010 Conversion of the Alte Post into a 4-star hotel
  • Spring 2012 New active beach and own vegetable garden
  • Autumn 2013 Integration with Guesthouse through a bathrobe corridor, new entrance area with reception, pine-panelled drawing room, expansion of dining room with new buffet area, new “Seeadler” , and “Himmelreich” rooms, multi-purpose hall/ball games hall
  • Autumn 2016 Renovation of all bathrooms of the categories "Seerose" & "Himmelstiege"