Hosts with a passion

The Palle Family

Probably the same thing applies to a lot of people who enjoy doing what they do: It’s as though they were born to do it. When you want to do something particularly well and have fun doing it and other people are able to sense it too.

When we— Erika and Siegfried Palle – were establishing the Brennseehof as a holiday home for children, sports and family in the heart of Carinthia, this was a principle that we took to heart – always following the motto:
“Rather be two steps ahead than be caught up in one.”
Furthermore, we feel we have a corporate social responsibility towards our staff and businesses, to the community, region and country and continually strive to provide fresh impetus.

We enjoy children, enjoy sports and more than anything enjoy being your host. A philosophy shared by the whole family. Our four establishments – the 4****S Hotel Brennseehof, the Sportpension Seehof 3*** and the 4**** - Hotel Alte Post – have everything you need for a perfectly wonderful holiday with children. The Palle family has made a personal commitment to ensure your sports holiday, combined with all the amenities of a kids hotel, is one that is truly memorable.

Our three children were also more than likely born to be hosts too. Erland, our eldest, is already heavily involved in the running of the business with his wife Barbara. Our daughter, Anna, also helps out whereever she can. And Thomas, our youngest, loves to join in with similarly aged guests at tennis or football.

And let’s not forget our senior Palle, lovingly called Opa, who acts as official chauffeur ferrying our guests wherever they want to go.