The beautifully refurbished Brennseehof

New features since the conversion

Building took a mere three months and following completion in December 2013, the Brennseehof re-opened in all its glory! Substantial amounts have been invested in the Brennseehof infrastructure. We have considerably expanded our range of services since winter 2013/14.
New building opened winter 2013/14

  • Spacious hotel expansion with entrance hall, reception, hotel shop and lounge
  • Bathrobe corridor to the Guesthouse and children’s playhouse
  • 6 new luxury apartments “Himmelreich”
  • 6 new double-bed rooms “Seeadler” on the 3rd & 4th floors
  • 2-storey child care room, unique kids ball game hall (100 m²)
  • Wood panelled Zirbenstube with open fireplace
  • Modern fire protection system
  • Additional separate dining room overlooking the lake and new buffet area