The Brennseehof-team

The centerpiece

The secret of success at the Brennseehof are not the Palle’s alone – we are part of a committed and professional team, where everybody has its responsibility and therefore is part of the Palle-family.
Harmonious family life is very important to us. Therefore we foster a pleasant atmosphere and individually-suitable working conditions for all of our staff members .. The success is evident when looking at the high number of staff members within our own region and the number of years being employed at our company.
As family with three kids we know quite well, where the values are placed on when travelling with children and also many of our staff members are mummies and daddies with passion. Together we make sure that all the young ones are left in good hands at all times and are tenderly and professionally looked after.

Strong team-spirit and distinctive professional knowledge

We also put emphasis on constantly education and training of our staff members. Be it permanent staff or newcomers. We continously develop young people who work as trainees or apprentice and would like to establish themselves in this business. Regular guests very much appreciate our friendly and competent staff and don´t want to miss the very personal assistance received.