We are proud indeed!

Our great natural & environmental awareness

Creating sustainable conditions for guests, staff and employees is a constant daily challenge for family run businesses, so it is important that these decisions are right. As a leading company in the region, we are well aware of the important role we play in making these daily decisions.

By having a joint policy of economic activity and support, we can create an attractive tourist destination that adds value to the region. As hosts, we are always conscious of our responsibility towards our guests, staff, neighbours, suppliers, partners and the environment in particular and constantly strive to take a creative and innovative approach to meet the needs of others as well as our own ambitious goals.

We planted a huge vegetable garden next to the hotel in the spring of 2012, which has been enthusiastically applauded by our guests. Our hotel kitchen naturally takes a large part of its fresh salad and vegetables straight from the garden. It couldn’t be fresher or healthier. Last summer, the adjoining herb garden with its various smells and colours, was a great hit with the children in addition to being instructive. We get many of our natural products such as bread, eggs, cheese, butter and various types of meat from the farmers in the region, which ensures we get whole food value on the plate.

Our hotels and outbuildings are equipped with five photovoltaic systems, which supply our hotel guests with vast quantities of solar power.

Just recently, we bought an electric car and several E-bikes for the hotel, which nicely complement the environmental awareness of our business.

We obtain heating for all the hotels and pools through a district heating supplier. Local timber from the nearby forests provides us with energy. Thanks to this, we enjoy a high quality of air in the town and this also guarantees the perfect environment for relaxation.

The high personal commitment of the family and our staff is worth it. This success shows us that we are on the right track in making the correct long-term decisions and allows us to meet the needs of you as the customer, our staff as employers and our many partners.

Carinthian Quality Seal

The Carinthian Quality Seal is awarded to companies who implement the requirements of the tourism quality initiative of Carinthia with a high degree of commitment and motivation. The company and its employees acknowledge the Carinthia brand and make the unique holiday “zest for life” feeling come alive for their guests. The hosts create an inviting atmosphere of well-being coupled with a high level of customer service. Regular sessions take place to ensure this promise of quality towards the guests is upheld. On 13th March 2012, the first businesses were awarded this quality seal by the Regional Minister for Tourism, Mag. Achill Rumpold. Hotel “Brennseehof” was one of the first companies to have met the requirements for this.

Chronology of the most recent awards

  • 2008/09 Holiday Check Award
  • Tourism Award in the category “Sport & Tourism”
  • 2010 Holiday Check Special Award
  • 2011 Holiday Check Top Hotel
  • 2012 Carinthian Quality Seal
  • Tribute for 50 years Brennseehof and deserving of Carinthian tourism
  • 2015 Climate-Active Award
  • Trip Advisor Traveller´s Choice Award
  • 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Holiday Check Award
    therefore we received the "Gold Award 2020"