8-times sauna enjoyment

Family saunas-at hotel Brennseehof

Arola Pine - Finnish sauna (80 – 90°C)
One of the most popular saunas in the world is the„ finnish Sauna“. This sauna visit allows us to relieve the stress of everyday-life and the refresh all powers. Furthermore it fosters the body´s defences, especially when the sauna is made of Arola Pine.

Aroma- and herbal steam bath (50°C)
Due to the moist-warm climate in this grotto your skin and airways get purified in a very soft way. The blood flow gets stimulated, muscle tension gets released and the pain of of the limbs vanishes. Through natural herbel vapours there is an additional cleansing effect.

The Tepidarium „Blue Room“ (35 – 40°C)
The body-temperature in this cabin and the heated benches and walls create an atmosphere, which strengthens the immune system, without stressing the blood stream. The Tepidarium is preventative and healing and offers an ideal relaxation and regeneration option for everybody. The colour blue has also a relaxing effect.

Infrared cabin with colour therapy (40 – 50°C)
The depth-warmth has a soothing effect that speeds up the recovery processes. Furthermore it fosters fosters blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, alleviates muscle tension, reduces the cellulite formation and cleanses your skin. Every single colour of the colour therapy has a certain effect on your body.
Sauna with snow & ice
Enjoy the unique atmosphere of our outdoor-saunas with stunning views over snow-covered mountains an the frozen lake. A special addition for the brave ones: Using the lake as refreshing pool. At the jetty there is always an ice-free area to enter the lake.
Outdoor-saunas at the lake for adults

Birch-clay sauna with panoramic lake view (70- 80°C)

This new type of finnish sauna has a very special atmosphere with the smell of fresh birches and clay. With marvellous views over the beach you can still enjoy sudation without stressing your bloodstream too much.

Finnish sauna for real sauna freaks (90- 110°C)

"The classic" and always well patronized. The little sweating room with old Schwitzstube with swiss pine and unrefined design offers everything, a sauna fan could wish for.

Panorama-herbal steam grotto (50 °C)

This grotto with likewise beautiful views impresses with design and relaxing atmosphere and is perfect for opening of skin pores and a deep breath.

Physiotherm©-back cabin with relaxing music & different colours (30°C)

The worldwide unique combination of low-temperature infrared-technique with licensed aus Niedertemperatur-Infrarottechnik mit patentierter lava sand-technology guarantees depth warmth with only 30°C – without harming the cardiovascular-system.