7-times water experience

Lake addiction

What makes Carinthian lakes so unique is their diverse character. Sometimes the water appears sensual, sometimes secretive; occasionally warm-hearted or cultivated with a Southern charm.

However, they all have one thing in common: they will awaken in you a "lake addiction" with a craving for relaxation, fun and adventure. This combination of Mediterranean climate, the many hours of sunshine, the wondrous mountains and impressive cultural and natural "sights" will give a much-needed boost to your joie de vivre.

Water – warmth – Wellness - and that times 7.
All warm water pools are supplied with naturally vitalised water.

Brennsee: a natural lake for bathing

It features water temperatures of up to 25°C and water quality class A. Crystal-clear mountain tributaries along with a modern sewage system surrounding the entire lake ensure excellent water quality. Here you will find a flat beach featuring 5000sqm for sunbathing as well as shade trees. You can choose from a shallow access or a refreshing jump in deep water.

Children's indoor pool (34°C)

including paddling pools of various depths (15 - 30cm), figures that spray water and a relaxation room for parents and children. The ideal, hazard-free, warm-water swimming pool for small children

Children's lakeside paddling pool (32°C)

with flexible shading, surrounded by hilarious aquatic creatures and with a tots' water slide (May – October). Here parents may sunbathe free of care on the adjacent lawn while keeping an eye on their children as they bathe in safety. Water depth from 15-30cm.

Indoor pool experience (30-32°C)

including a waterfall, water-massage ledge for reclining, counter-current unit and whirlpool in pool bottom. Here you may relax and let yourself go, enjoying plenty of natural light and a marvellous view of the nearby Mirnock summit.

Lakeside jacuzzi (36°C)

With marvellous view (also open in winter!) A unique combination of fun and water for nature-lovers!

Large heated lakeside swimming pool (25°C)

with a waterfall and a slide; swim in heated water whilst enjoying a lake panorama, from April to mid-October. In winter it serves as diving plunge pool after your sauna visit.

Wintergarden-half covered pool (33°C)

12 x 6m with water-massage ledge for reclining and waterfall.
This pool has a overhead glazing a connecting watergate to the outside. This is escpecially nice in winter.