Detox Treatments

For the perfect detosication of our body

From time to time even the biggest organs need purging – or in other word detox treatment. Detox means to detoxify your body and get rid of substances, which over the years filled with rush, unhealthy nutrition, environmental influence and stress have incorporated in your body.

Indulge yourself with a break and smoothly support your body with the regeneration of a detox treatment. A healthy acid-base balance is an important contribution to your health.

Aegyptos – Vital Wrap

The whole body will be wrapped with a special technique. The treatment has its origin on the Sinai peninsula, the high culture of the old Egypt. Vital soil, salt and minerals of the Dead Sea are working as oriental fountain of youth for your skin.

The aim is
• Rejuvenation and lifting of the skin
• Detoxication and cleansing
• Reduction of internal toxics
• Reduction of cellulite
• Activation of cell reproduction of the body

110 minutes € 110,-

Intensive treatment
3x 110 minutes € 290,-

Egyptian quick treatment

Using bandages for arms, legs and abdomen, this treatment focuses on detoxification.

50 minutes € 55,-

Detox Packages

Detox quick package
  • 1x Egyptian quick treatment
  • 1x Zeolith base bath
50 Minutes € 69,-

Detox light package
  • 1x Cucurbita body poultice
  • 1x Zeolith base bath
  • 1x foot reflexology
65 minutes € 85,-

Detox Deluxe package
Treatments will be divided on min. 3 days
  • 1x Egyptian vital compresses
  • 1x Lymph drainage
  • 1x Zeolith base bath
  • 1x foot reflexology
  • 1x Cucurbita body poultice

€ 225,-