Just float in the water, enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation. Floating is a very relaxing form of bathing with the special feature that salt increases the relative density of the bath water, so that the body floats freely in the water.

20 min/ € 29,-

Choose a soothing bathing experience according to your needs:

• Take a deep breath • Peace of mind • Forest bathing • Good mood • Muscle relaxation

Oil mixture tailored to your needs.
The integrated sound system offers an experience be it above or below the water. The tub becomes a body of sound, the sound system triggers oscillation which leads to the stage of “feeling” the music.

  • Melissa oil bath
with the fresh scent of lemon, relaxes and soothes your skin.
20 minutes € 22,-

  • Salt oil bath
purges and calms the skin while restoring moisture.
20 minutes € 22,-

  • Detox ceolith base bath
Supporting the removal of acids, which are already secreted by the skin.
20 minutes € 22,-

  • Oriental oil bath
Relax and enjoying the soothing effect of ylang ylang fragrance oil.
20 minutes € 22,-

  • Rose petal oil bath
serves to soothe sensitive skin prone to allergies.
20 minutes € 22,-

  • Swamp milk bath
anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, moisturizing and antibacterial
20 minutes € 22,-