Prana Vita

Prana Vita is a contact-free, energetic work, where our Prana Vita-therapist collects Prana (life energy) with its caring and tender attitude and transfers it to him/herself and to the client in order to support the self-healing mechanisms and to show the accession to your own power and harmony.

50 minutes € 75,-
Prana Vita can stand on its own, but can also be an addition to other healing methods as it is easily integrated.
Through its application the body develops more well-being and enhances the quality of living. Prana Vita can be deployed as a preventive measure but also when there is the need of a reset of of full health. It is a method for anyone and always as diverse as people are. Prana Vita can´t and does not want to replace modern medicine or other energetic or complementary healing methods, but adds to them in a very useful way.
Whenever our energy system is out of balance, for example due to negative thoughts, stress, negative emotions or malnutrition also our physical body becomes sick. Here Prana Vita helps to balance out our whole system.