Special Massages

a journey to countries far away

Singing bowls – Sound of silence

The singing bowls massage will return balance to your body and mind. You will very quickly reach a state of deep relaxation with this massage.

50 minutes € 65,-


Literally translated it means finger pressure. Shiatsu is a japanese type of body work, which connects elements of traditional Asian acupressure with modern occidental massage techniques.

50 minutes € 65,-

Cranio Sacrale

The funtional connection between skull and sacrum is called the "Cranio-Sacrale-System". Limitation of mobility in this area can evoke dysfunction and symptoms in the whole body.

50 minutes € 78,-


Based on the healing powers of hands, it is possible to transfer harmony and balance at various levels. The therapist specifically applies both hands, which balances out energy centers and relieves stress.

50 minutes € 75,-

Connective tissue massage / Segment massage

Without oil your nerves reflex bend is treated and the effect gets carried forward by the skin to your inside. This has a positive effect on organs, nerves, bones and blood vessels. It stimulates the blood flow and helps when you suffer from heavy tensions, deposits and adherences.

25 minutes € 37,-

Breuss – Massage

Gentle regulatory massage of the spine, activation of the energy flow along the spine.

50 minutes € 65,-