Special Massages

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Abyanga is a tender lubrication of the entire body including head and face with
warmed oil of purely vegetable origin adapted for your respective Dosha-type.

120 min  € 100,-

Aromatic massage

Soothing massage with essential oils, it stimulates the circulation of energy of the lymph system and blood circulation. It also revitalizes the skin and your whole body.

50 minutes € 65,-

Breuss – Massage

Gentle regulatory massage of the spine, activation of the energy flow along the spine.

50 minutes € 62,-

Connective tissue massage / Segment massage

Without oil your nerves reflex bend is treated and the effect gets carried forward by the skin to your inside. This has a positive effect on organs, nerves, bones and blood vessels. It stimulates the blood flow and helps when you suffer from heavy tensions, deposits and adherences.

25 minutes € 35,-

Cranio Sacrale

The funtional connection between skull and sacrum is called the "Cranio-Sacrale-System". Limitation of mobility in this area can evoke dysfunction and symptoms in the whole body.

50 minutes € 75,-

Dorn- Breuss – Massage

Releases blocked vertebrae with gentle thumb pressure, encourages free movements. An effective regulation of vertebra and joint using the method of Dorn-Breuss. The locomotor system of people, the muscle and skeleton system, ist he biggest organic system within your body and comprises bones, joints, muscles and connective tissue.

80 minutes € 90,-

For mums-to-be

A gentle and relaxing massage for all mums-to-be. Our team member will well-advice you.

25 minutes € 30,-
50 minutes € 55,-