Special Massages

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Dorn- Breuss – Massage

Releases blocked vertebrae with gentle thumb pressure, encourages free movements. An effective regulation of vertebra and joint using the method of Dorn-Breuss. The locomotor system of people, the muscle and skeleton system, ist he biggest organic system within your body and comprises bones, joints, muscles and connective tissue.

80 minutes € 98,-

Kinesio Taping

The Kinesio Taping method is a distinct technique in order to stimulate and support the natural healing process of the human body.

15 - 25 minutes € 35,-


A soft full-body massage with silk gloves, especially for the stimulus of the lymph system and the circular flow. It is also seen as a cellulite prevention.

50 min € 88,-


Mukabyanga is a gentle stimulation of the meridian points is simultaneously relaxation for your face muscles. On the basis of sensitive effleurage your face receives an improved supply of blood and your skin looks younger, firmer and rosier.

25 min  € 45,-


Abyanga is a tender lubrication of the entire body including head and face with
warmed oil of purely vegetable origin adapted for your respective Dosha-type.

120 min  € 120,-


This method is a an inherent part of ayurvedic therapy. The Shirodhara treatment has an incredible calming effect and particularly responds to the autonomic nervous system and harmonizes it. Furthermore it has a balancing impact on both celebral hemispheres.

Duration: 50 min € 78,- (incl. some rest afterwards of 20 minutes)