Spa packages

... for even more relaxation

Our professionally composed Spa packages make it easier for you to find the ideal combination of the treatments. Allow yourself some silence and relaxation, which you don´t find on a day-to-day basis. The result: Vitality, an enviable look and wellbeing.

Your are more than welcome to assign certain treatments to different days. We gladly help you with the decision that suits you best in order to ensure an enjoyable stay with us.

Fountain of youth for your skin

  • full body peeling
  • pomace pack in the floating bed
  • relaxing full-body massage

95 minutes € 109,-

From head to toe

  • facial (50 min.)
  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • full body peeling
  • special bath

200 minutes € 180,-

Muscle ache S.O.S

  • moor bath
  • choose between 1 relaxing massage of 50 min or
  • 2 relaxing massages of 25 min.

70 minutes € 75,-


  • coffee peeling
  • pedicure
  • art-reum
120 minutes € 110,-