Spa for kids

When you are busy discovering the world, you want to know, what mummy is doing, when relaxing at the „See Wellness center“ and why she seems like shining afterwards. What is the answer? Here with us in Feld am See with our spa treatments for kids. It combines professional treatments with fun for the little ones.
Baby Massage
With precious oils you learn how to gently massage your baby supervised by a therapist. Strengthens the relationship to your baby and improves its physical condition.
€ 26,00/ 25 minutes

„Smiley“ Relaxation massage
A relaxing massage with warm oil for kids
€ 26,00/ 25 minutes

Foot reflexology massage „Pink Panther“

This massage has a relaxing effect and enhances sleep quality.
€ 26,00/ 25 minutes

Nail-laquering „Colourful butterfly“
Colored, nice nails – you will be loving it.
€ 26,00/ 25 minutes

Hot stone massage „Fred Flintstone“

Relaxing massage with hot stones
€ 26,00/ 25 minutes

Kid´s pack „Winnie Puh“
Honey pack with relaxation in the water bed
€ 26,00/ 25 minutes

Teenie- cosmetic- treatment
cleaning, mask and massage of the puberty skin
€ 52,00/ 50 minutes

Missy wants to be princess – or even model?
A face mask and beautiful, glaring red finger nails for the evening performance at the playback– some airs and graces are a must. Most important: Total silence and enough time. Whoever follows this, is more than welcome to visit us at the Seewellness “Massage & Beauty”!