Relaxed surfing

Stand-up paddling at Lake Brennsee

At ease on a surfboard, gliding across the water with a paddle in the hand, you can even do this at Lake Brennsee. The new stand-up paddling trend sport is easy to learn and doesn’t require wind or waves. It’s all a matter of balance, once you’ve got that, you can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings and benefit from a great workout at the same time. Stand up paddling is available at the Brennseehof so why not give it a go on your holiday. Who knows, you might just be a natural talent at it!
Paddling fun at Lake Brennsee
Speedy manoeuvres with kayak and co.

Looks easier than it is. Our basic kayak course covers the fundamentals and various safety tips. An exploratory trip around the lake and a fun regatta completes the training. Dates can be arranged by appointment.

Try-out course:  € 20,- per person (minimum 3 participants from 11 years of age)

Private course: € 52,- per person (60 minutes)

Family kayak: the ultimate paddling fun for the whole family, € 58 for 1.5 hours