From one family for families

Austria's first sports hotel for children!

The Familien & Sportresort Brennseehof is the perfect holiday destination for active families seeking to combine sports, leisure adventures, lake wellness and culinary indulgence. Generous sports, leisure, wellness and spa facilities make sure guests of all ages can have exactly the kind of holiday they want.


Starting early 

with ten sports activities

Your children can learn and practice at least ten different sports activities at the Brennseehof. By partnering with Sportschule Krainer, our hotel has qualified instructors at hand who will be happy to help with child-friendly sports techniques in a fun-filled way. 

This must be contagious, as you can see by the many kids of all ages discovering new sports in flexible course programs. Or they can hone their skills after figuring out what they like best.

  • TennisTennis
  • SailingSailing
  • SurfingSurfing
  • GolfGolf
  • HikingHiking
  • SwimmingSwimming
  • Stand Up Paddling (SUP)Stand Up Paddling (SUP)
  • KayakKayak
  • Pleasure cyclingPleasure cycling
  • FishingFishing
  • Mountain bikeMountain bike

Game, Set, Lake

on 12 tennis courts

Tennis players find the best conditions ontwelve well-maintained clay courts with fantastic views over Lake Feldsee or the Nockberge mountains. Those guests wishing to polish up their technique, can join one of the custom-made tennis courses of the Sportschule Krainer.



Set the sails

Ship Ahoi at Lake Brennsee

Whether inexperienced rookie or seasoned skipper, you'll discover that the Family & Sport Resort Brennseehof is the perfect place for sailors and surfers .



The perfect wave

for surfers

Thanks to its position amid the Nockberge mountains with constant gentle breezes, Lake Brennsee provides excellent surfing conditions. Perfect for beginners and advanced surfers to hone their skills.


Golfen Bad Kleinkirchheim © Michael Gruber


with lake view

Carinthia's second largest lake, Millstätter See, is just a few kilometers fromBrennseehof away. As a founding member of the local golf club, we can offer our guests attractive fees.


Wandern-Familie_Badkleinkirchheim_Archiv BRM ©Franz  Gerdl (26)


in the Nockberge mountains

The Nockberge with their characteristic, soft rolling mountain tops make every hiker's heart beat faster. Many beautiful, diverse and well-marked hikesstart right at the hotel's doorstep.




365 days of swimming fun

... whatever the weather: 3 indoor and 3 outdoor pools along with Lake Brennsee at the doorstep ensure water sports activities all year round.


SUP_Brennsee_nah © BRM - Gert Perauer_bearb_web_himmel Kopie


Workout at the lake shore

The new trend sport Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) not only doesn‘t require wind or waves, it is also relatively easy to learn. Just give it a try. We offer paddle and board for your use.


Brennseehof Paddeln Brennsee


Paddling in harmony

In the mood for a new sports activity? Learn all the basics during a kayak taster lesson. Individual tuitionis available to get to know the essentials of this natural sport and improve your skills.


Bike_Brennsee - BRM © Tine Steinthaler

Pleasure cycling

between Mountain & Lake

The specialistbike hotel: The nock/bike region includes Bad Kleinkirchheim, Feld am See and Lake Millstätter See, boasting 571 marked routes for leisure cyclists.


Petri Heil Paket

Freshly cought

tastes best

How about a fishing outing with the entire family? We’ll be happy to prepare your fresh catch in the hotel kitchen for dinner.


Nockbike 2011-08-16_0190

Mountain biking


The region around our resort is criss-crossed by a large network of bike trails. Across forests up to 2,000 m high mountain peaks via challenging single trail descents all the way down to Lake Brennsee.


  • Ice-skatingIce-skating
  • SkiingSkiing
  • Ski touringSki touring
  • SnowshoeingSnowshoeing
  • TobogganingTobogganing
  • Cross-country skiingCross-country skiing
  • Ice-stick shootingIce-stick shooting
  • Ice-skatingIce-skating

Holiday on Ice

When Lake Brennsee freezes over

The ice-skating rink right by the hotel and the new "Like-Ice" artificial ice-skating rink are ice-cold hot spots for little Brennseehof guests. During cold winter days, Lake Brennsee offers a huge, natural ice surface for ice-based activities such as hockey, ice-sailing and ice-stock, which is similar to curling.


Skifahren_FamilienSkiSpass © BRM - Franz Gerdl


at a friendship price

 We offer our guests a hotel own ski transfer and discounted multi-days tickets for the ski region Bad Kleinkirchheim/St. Oswald. Also the ski resorts Turracher Höhe, Gerlitzen and Goldeck are only a short drive away. 


Skitouren_Nockberge-Trail © Kärnten Werbung - Tine Steinthaler

Ski touring

in Carinthia's Nockberge mountains

The  Nockberge mountains are very popular with walkers, hikers and mountaineers. Surrounded by summits rising up to more than 2,000 meters above sea level, active holidaymakers find numerious beautiful trails leading through untouched nature. We'll be happy to assist you with tips or arrange a tour with an experienced guide .


Schneeschuhwandern_Bad Kleinkirchheim_Archiv BRM ©Mathias Prägant (24)


across the winter-white landscape

The gentle Nockberge mountains offer the perfect terrain for snowshoeing. Head off into untouched areas of nature and make your way across the snowy winter landscape. We recommend joining a guided walk to make the most of your snowshoe experience.


Rodeln © MS_Photography_ARGE_Naturerleben - Michael Stabentheiner

On the toboggan

ready, go!

Whether luge or snow disc: the toboggan hill right by the Brennseehof is the place for fun-filled winter action! Add to that numerous regional natural toboggan runs, some of which are also illuminated at night


Langlaufen - Region Bad Kleinkirchheim (c) BRM - Mathias Praegant (7)

Cross-country skiing

A sport for all ages

... and one of the healthiest fitness trainings of all. Find the right equipment in the regional sports shops along with the best tips and professional tuition at our partner Skischule Krainer.



Ice-stick shooting

Carinthia's "national sport"

Fun and entertainment is guaranteed on our own Eisstock alley . As soon as it gets cold enough, you can also try Carinthia's inofficial national sport on the the thick ice surface of frozen Lake Brennsee.



Playing ice-hockey

with true cracks

Get the most essential hockey tips & tricks during weekly ice-skating taster lessons or ice-trainingwith expert ice-hockey players. Ice-skates, ice-hockey sticks, pucks and helmets can be rented on the spot.


Sporty, the most active bunny of the Nockberge mountains

Sporty, the most active bunny of the Nockberge mountains, is the Brennseehof’s mascot. Since 2020, Sporty has been accompanying our young guests through the varied and adventurous program offered in our family and sports resort. Sporty is always on the spot. He can’t wait to join his young friends at the morning dance in the Kids Club, on the tennis court, the biking trails or the sailing boat. Wherever he turns up, he performs brilliantly and is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of visiting children.

  • How a lonely bunny found a new home

    In Carinthia’s Nockberge mountains, high above Brennseehof at Feldpannalm, there lived a little bunny. Everything was fine up there, except that he often felt very lonely. Especially in winter, when visitors stay in the valley because of the cold and the snow. In summer, however, life was beautiful with many families coming up the alpine pastures to enjoy nature’s huge playground.

    The bunny always looked forward to these encounters, when the children would tell him about their holidays at the Brennseehof and all their adventures in the valley. Finally, he came up with the idea of visiting the hotel himself. After all, summer was over much too fast and the children’s visits became increasingly rare. The bunny grew increasingly unhappy. So, one day he set off to visit the children in the valley. He hopped down the mountain slopes, and after a few hours, he finally reached the end of his journey – the Brennseehof. The children happily welcomed him and showed him around their holiday realm.

    The little bunny has been at home at Brennseehof ever since. He joins the children everywhere: whether in the winter on the ski slope or the icy surface (Wheee!) or in the summer on the tennis court, at the lake or on the biking trail. And you know what? He’s a real sports champ, so the  kids immediately found a fitting name for him: SPORTY!

    By the way, SPORTY’S best animal friends are Lotti and Winnetou. They live in a cozy barn with a view of the lake, only a few meters from the Brennseehof. In summer, they are allowed to enjoy the lush green pasture at the hotel and love interacting with the children on holiday there!

    Winnetou, the white pony, enjoys being petted by the kids and happily awaits the little ones for their first riding experience. Older children find the right companion in Flotti Lotti, who overtakes good-natured Winnetou during the weekly pony rides every now and then.

There is a lot to discover in SPORTY’S Kinderwelt

With so many attractions and activities on offer, both indoors and outdoors, in summer and in winter, everyone will find what they are looking for: adventure playgrounds and rooms for just chilling, plenty of space to let off steam, or snug corners to nestle into while browsing through storybooks.

  • 429-9476-HR_aktiv_brennseehof_feldamsee_by_gert_perauer

    Kids Club

    The Brennseehof's Kids Club offers loving childcare every day. Two floors jam-packed with a wide variety of fun and games for children to enjoy with others their age. There’s another playroom in Hotel Alte Post.

  • 298-0094-HR_brennseehof©gert_perauer

    Sportys Softplay area

    Perfect to let off steam! Sporty's Softplay area is a two-storey children’s play house with slide, pouch and a secure indoor climbing wall. 

  • 315-0330-HR_brennseehof©gert_perauer

    Game gallery

    The indoor game room for older kids and teens. Complete with entertaining facilities such as table soccer, air hockey and billiards, right next to Sporty’s Softplay area, with panoramic lake views included.

  • 10-7802-HR_brennseehof_winter_by_gert_perauer

    Sports & Leisure hall

    The ball game hall for guests of all ages to have fun and burn energy! There are plenty of activities that will get you happily through the wettest of weather.

  • _DSC9918

    Indoor mini golf and table tennis

    In case it’s wet or dark outside, golfers are welcome to practice their swing indoors while family members challenge each other to a game of ping-pong.

  • 89-7155-HR_aktiv_brennseehof_feldamsee_by_gert_perauer

    Outdoor adventure playground

    A great place to get out and about, exploring, climbing and hanging outt with friends, right next to the large lakeside lido. A secure playground where kids can climb, slide and swing to their heart’s content.

  • märchenwiese1

    Active beach with fairytale meadow

    The little ones can explore fairytale characters while older children enjoy themselves with badminton, table tennis or a football match. Complete with hammocks, slacklines and much more.

  • Mathilda Aurelia

    Bobby car circuit

    A Bobby Car circuit awaits little racecar drivers, letting them test their driving skills in a safe environment.

  • 159-2656-HR_brennseehof_by_gert_perauer

    Children's tennis court

    We think it’s never too early to encourage kids to love tennis. That’s why we offer a separate children’s court for little tennis players to practice.

  • 35-1006-HR_brennseehof_by_gert_perauer

    Bike technique training course

    The 120 m long circular track with mobile wooden elements and built-in obstacles in the village center of Feld am See provides an exciting and safe experience for little ones who want to test their balance.

  • 54-8259-LR_brennseehof_winter_by_gert_perauer

    Sporty's children's ski slope

    Skiing fun for the youngest Brennseehof guests starts right at the hotel’s doorstep. In Sporty’s Kinderparadies with magic carpet and ski carousel.

  • MW8_1730 - Kopie

    Ice-skating rinks & Eisstock facility

    The ice-skating rink in the center of the resort and the new artificial "Like-Ice" skating rink are the frozen hot spots for little Brennseehof guests. Whenever the temperature is cold enough and the ice is thick enough, Lake Brennsee too, is opened up for ice skating at the doorstep.

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