Hot and steamy

Wellness at the lake

You don’t necessarily need to get active to work up a sweat. There are other ways to relax when taking time out at the Brennseehof. 

Soak up the soothing warmth of our pools and saunas alone or with your family, enjoy the peace and quiet of our large lakeside wellness pavilion, or relax on the comfortable loungers in the conservatory overlooking the lake.

The “bathrobe corridor” connects the Lake Wellness complex with the lake, allowing our guests to splash around in the heated pools of the Water Adventure World before taking in the sun on the 7,000 m² lawn of the lakeside lido. There are also eight sauna varieties for having “a healthy sweat” – plus our Lake Wellness Massage & Beauty Center, where you can indulge in spa and beauty treatments.

Seekino - for adults only

Our brand-new sauna house

With the brand-new “Seekino – for adults only” sauna, the few extra degrees are the icing on the wellness experience. The centerpiece of the sauna house is the spacious Finnish sauna. The spectacular panorama effectively turns Lake Brennsee and Mirnock mountain into a giant "screen"! A relaxation room with niches and cozy reclining beds promises pure relaxation, and the unobstructed view of awe-inspiring nature has almost meditative effects.


Our Lake Wellness complex with nature sauna is a heaven of peace& quiet.

Our hot tip: tranquil enjoyment. Children accompanied by a parent are welcome any time to enjoy a quiet time-out!

Nature saunas at the lake
Adults only

Birch-clay sauna with panoramic lake views (70-80 °C)
A true Brennseehof invention, this innovative sauna inspires with a unique ambience created by the combination  of birch and clay. Just try it out for yourself! Regenerate without putting too much strain on the circulation while enjoying the magnificent view of lake and mountain.

Finnish sauna for true purists 
(90-110 °C)
A classic, which no sauna complex should be without. Our pleasantly warm sweat parlor, furnished with old timber in a rustic design has everything true sauna enthusiasts are looking for. 

Panorama herbal steam grotto (50 °C)
Outdoor herbal steam grotto with a wonderful view. Very cozy and lovingly designed. Our tip for sauna sessions to open the pores of the skin, allowing it to breathe more easily.

Physiotherm©back cabin with relaxing music & color light (30 °C)
Low-temperature infrared technique with patented lava sand technology ensures healthy deep heat without straining the cardiovascular system: the warmth stored in the lava sand is emitted as natural infrared C radiation, entering the body via the lymphs or blood vessels.


Sanus per aquam

“Healthy through water” is the literal translation of the Latin word SPA.

A handful of Carinthian hotels, including the Family & Sport Resort Brennseehof ****S, have joined forces to form the Seen Wellness® establishments while maintaining strict quality criteria.

Seen Wellness® establishments embody outstanding quality and a feel-good atmosphere in locations directly at lakes. One of the quality features is the positive, health-promoting effect of the Carinthian lake water on body, mind and soul. Experience it for yourself while enjoying an infusion in our “Seekino” with a view of the waters of the Brennsee.

Seen Wellness® Facts

Certified Seen Wellness® host with feel-good facilities at the lake, that

  • balance body rhythm,
  • improve sleeping quality,
  • lower the heart rate,
  • regnerate beyond the actual holiday stay 
  • and are guaranteed sustainable.
Relax Guide

Relax Guide

Spa Award 2023

The Brennseehof Family & Sport Resort has undergone a rigorous, standardized and anonymous hotel test conducted by Relax Guide, which awarded us the Spa Award 2023. Thank you very much!

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