We are proud of it

Sustainable values

As a family business, we need to make decisions on a daily basis, with positive, sustainable effects for our guests, employees and ourselves. Not to mention our importance as the region’s leading gastronomic business. By tackling challenges together and supporting each other, we make this holiday destination a sought-after place and ensure that added value remains in the region. 

We are very much aware of the responsibility we have toward our guests, employees, neighbors, suppliers, partners and above all our environment.Thus, we strive to find innovative ways to fulfill this obligation.

Permaculture garden

In spring 2021, we transformed our vegetable garden into a permaculture garden - an ecosystem with a closed loop. Organic waste from the hotel kitchen, the pony barn, or from nature are collected in the form of foliage, soil etc. and used for growing and harvesting. For the hotel kitchen. Fresh, healthy and without long transport routes or packaging materials. Simply sustainable

By the way: the garden is also very popular with our youngest guests. During interesting tours the kids can learn about different vegetable and herb varieties. Educational leave included so to speak!


Mountain spring water

Healthy, soft drinking water of prime quality flows in the veins of our hotel – fed by the Mirnock and Klamberg/Rauthmountain springs.

The Mirnock high plateau is a natural precipitation reservoir. The water is filtered in the soil during the infiltration process and led to the rock crevices and spring columns through capillary-like openings. Seepage and solar radiation charge the water energetically.


Solar power

... comes not only from above but also from the socket:

  • 5 photovoltaic systems have been installed on the hotels and annexes, generating electricity for many areas of the hotel.
  • The hotel’s own electric cars are used for errands & transfer rides, along with a number of e-bikes, all contributing to our environmental awareness.
  • Arriving by e-car? Please help yourself to the e-charging stations available at Brennseehof, Villa Seehof and Alte Post.

Healthy heating

A local heating plant provides the heat for all hotel buildings and pools, with energy from regional timber grown in the surrounding forests. The prime air quality in the village offers ideal conditions for enjoying holidays at their best.

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