Familie Palle mit 4 Generationen

The Palle family

Four generations of hosts

Many people who love what they do feel the same way. It’s like being born for something – in our case, it’s the hospitality gene that seems to be in our family’s DNA. We want to do a good job and enjoy what we do. This is something that transfers directly to our team and to many of our guests. 

The four generations of our family take pride in providing guests with an unforgettable holiday experience.  A family business with and for the family.


The founding generation

Erika and Siegfried Palle

The history of the resort dates back to the early ‘90s, when Erika and Siegfried Palle laid the foundation for the hotel for children, families & sports in the heart of Carinthia. Their courage & hard work paid off, allowing them to further expand and run the first ****s hotel for children and sports all-year round.  Being parents of three children themselves, it was always their aim to provide an exceptional holiday experience for all members of the family.


The generation who took over

Barbara and Erland Palle

In 2018 the current generation of hosts took over the management of the family business. Erland Palle, the eldest son of Erika and Siegfried, runs the resort together with his wife, Barbara. The next generation is already growing up in the hotel and it seems as if they were also natural-born hosts. Our four daughters - Helena, Aurelia, Mathilda and Florentina - are still enjoying their childhood and have time to make their own experiences before eventually joining the family business. As a large family ourselves, we know exactly how to make holidays a great experience for families with a houseful of youngsters.



A traditional family business

Involving all members of the family

The family’s original hotel – Alte Post at Kirchenplatz – was run by our most senior family member, great grandfather Thomas Palle (fondly known as “Opa Palle”), together with his wife, Anni. They managed the hotel from the 1960s until it was handed over in the 1990s. 

You can still meet Opa around the hotel, where he enjoys the lively atmosphere brimming with guests and children’s laughter. 

Also our brother Thomas can also be seen around the hotel – either at the hotel bar, where he helps out when time permits during his studies, or at Hotel Alte Post with his girlfriend Mona in the summer season.


Passionate hosts in the course of time

Our entire family exhibits a great love for children and activities in the great outdoors, along with a passion for hosting. The Familien- & Sportresort Brennseehof ensures perfect conditions for all-round successful holidays. Our family is committed to providing you with the sports holiday you’ve always dreamed of while at the same time letting you enjoy all the benefits of a children’s hotel.

See some of the milestones of our resort’s development here:

Feld am See Ort

Building of the Seehof

Charming Seevilla typical of the '20s and '30s is built. At this time, the villa is not yet owned by the Palle family.

Alte Post ca 1930 BILD 1

The Alte Post is taken over by the family

Siegfried Hopfgartner, born in 1873, acquired the "Matthias Realität" with the inn "Zur Post" in Feld am See by auction. Besides the inn, Matthias Realität also had a farm with plots of land at the lake (where the Brennseehof is located today). 


The Hopfgartner property is now held by the Palle family

In 1952, Anna (“Anny”), the daughter of Siegfried Hopfgartner & heiress of the “Zur Post” inn, married Thomas Palle, a farmer’s son and butcher (born in 1930). Two childrenSiegfried and Elisabeth Palle – came from this marriage.

Alte Post.1963

'50s & '60s
Anna and Thomas Palle sen.

With the increasing demand in the tourism sector Thomas and Anny added around 40 beds to the inn. Featuring cold and warm running water and a balcony, the rooms were state-of-the-art at that time. The name "Alte Post " also originated in this period.

Thomas & Anny ran the original Alte Post from the ‘60s until the late ‘80s/ early ‘90s.

Brennseehof+Strandbad 1965

Foundation of Brennseehof
A bed and breakfast is built

In 1964 the “Brennseehof“ bed and breakfast was built, featuring beautiful rooms with shower/toilet and a large breakfast room. It provided accommodation for around 40 guests holidaying at the lake. Dinner was served in the “Alte Post“.

SiggiErikaund Thomas, mit Sohn Erland 1986 - Kopie

Handing over of the business to Erika & Siegfried Palle

In 1990 , the business was handed over to son Siegfried and his wife, Erika. Two children - Erland & Anna had already been born by then. Son Thomas followed in 2000.

Bild 5

Erika and Siegfried Palle

In 1992/93 Siegfried and Erika Palle extensively renovated the former Brennseehof bed and breakfast into a 4-star hotel with 70 beds. New guest rooms, indoor pool, saunas, a new kitchen area and dining rooms were added. The foundation of the "resort" had been laid.

Bild 6

Member of the "Urlaubsspezialisten" group

In the middle of the ‘90s, Erika & Siegfried Palle decided to join the Brennseehof with three renownedmarketing cooperations, which they have remained true to this day.

* Kinderhotels Europa
* Tennishotel Austria
* Mountainbike Holidays



Sportschule Krainer moves in

The long standing successful cooperation with Sportschule Krainer was reinforced. Sportschule Krainer established itself directly at the hotel premises, allowing our guests to benefit from their sports expertise right at the hotel's doorstep. Additionally, more apartments were built and the holiday offer was expanded.


Purchase of the Villa Seehof

with renovation of the rooms.

Bild 7

Expansion of the nature saunas

Building of the former "Asia wellness center", the children's indoor pool and the new conservatory.

kaminecke3 - Kopie


Building of the “Seewellness“, with a generous relaxation room and various year-round heated pools as well as a nature sauna by the lake. Tunneling of the road to be able to access the lake via the bathrobe corridor.


Alte Post

Conversion and renovation of the "Alte Post" in the village center into a **** hotel with sauna, passenger lift and spacious apartments.


Major rebuilding of Brennseehof

Brennseehof is expanded by a fourth floor, building of "sports hall", refurbishment of Kids Club, connecting corridor to former "Gästehaus Brennseehof", expansion of the restaurant area.

Erland Barbara und Helena

The next generation 

Son Erland and his wife, Barbara take over the management
With daughter Helena, born in 2016, the fourth generation is already in place, ensuring that life in a family-run hotel never gets boring. Thanks to her and her sisters Aurelia, Mathilda and Florentina, we are experts when it comes to welcoming (big) families with children. 


Building of a 3-court tennis facility

"Brennfeld“ featuring club house with 3 tennis clay courts and creation of the permaculture garden.


Seekino sauna house

Building of the adults only "Seekino“ sauna house with spacious sauna and direct lake access. Guided infusions right at the lake.

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